The New Rockstar Philosophy Workshop

“Home Recording” Workshop

This beginner course will take you through the steps of recording in your home, using free software (Garage Band) and introducing you to the industry standard software, Pro Tools (Mbox). The goal of this 24-hour course is to provide students with the basic skills to record a quality sounding “demo” from their home.

Dates offered to be determined.

The Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon
#120 Sonnenschein Way (next to the Farmer's Market)

$498.00 tax incl.

Call (306) 292-6744 or email for more information.

Day 1
  • Recording environment (sound isolation and treatment)
  • Microphones (types and techniques)
  • Signal flow and routing
Day 2
  • Intro to Garage Band (basic setup and routing)
  • Intro. to ProTools (using an Mbox)
  • Setting up a session
Day 3
  • Tempos and using a click track
  • Instrument tuning and micing
  • Record an acoustic guitar and vocal (practice recording in preparation for next class)
Day 4
  • Recording session (Basic singer/songwriter recording)
  • Multi- track recording
  • Over dub recording
Day 5
  • Midi keyboard recording
  • Create a song using midi
Day 6
  • Editing
  • Plug-ins (introduction to effects, equalizers and compression)
  • Mixing